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Hello world!

Just tired. Simply tired and bored!

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Thank God it is Friday. You know I wish everyday can be Friday. I seriously think we should not have classes on Fridays because it is either half of the class will be missing or or to be fair 90% not paying “full attention.”

My morning class was canceled today..whooooooooooooooh but I had to attend my fav class K in the afternoon. Let’s say it was productive because while giving Prof my “full attention,” Victoria Secret (God bless the angels) sent me an email about their sale special. Well, what is a girl supposed to do? So I multi tasked. While taking K notes, I also happened to order 2 hot shoes….their 2/$89 special. Yep…can’t complain….it was a good day. Friday for that matter.

God bless the spring break. Every student is looking forward to it. I doubt if I will work on my outline, but I will try and take some supplements with me. LOL….as if I will open them. Crunch what???????

Well…that’s all. Nothing to report this week. Nothing fun or exciting. Oh one of my friends got a job with a BIG law firm and will be paid $1,600 a week starting May. I am so proud of her, she deserves it honestly. A good break for her.

Well…be kool and later.

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I can’t believe this year is almost over
I ended up in one of the law schools in Midwest. I still can’t believe it, but I am here trying to make it work. I hate the place and some of the people, and I think I hate the person that I’ve become here.
Pardon me, but I had a weekend from HELL…glad I can still remember my password because I really need an outlet to vent…will be right back:)

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