AFRICA MY AFRICA…Poem by David Diop


This poem is special to me. As a child I was made to understand the importance of my history. I remember as a curious
Africa, my Africa
Africa of proud warriors in ancestral savannahs
Africa of whom my grandmother sings
On the banks of the distant river
I have never known you
But your blood flows in my veins
Your beautiful black blood that irrigates the fields
The blood of your sweat
The sweat of your work
The work of your slavery
Africa, tell me Africa
Is this you, this back that is bent
This back that breaks
Under the weight of humiliation
This back trembling with red scars
And saying yes to the whip under the midday sun
But a grave voice answers me
Impetuous child that tree, young and strong
That tree over there
Splendidly alone amidst white and faded flowers
That is your Africa springing up anew
Springing up patiently, obstinately
Whose fruit bit by bit acquires
The bitter taste of liberty.questioning each verse. I think I even scratched myself to see if my blood was black or red… I will never forget you MOTHERLAND.


Def’ not a bed of roses. I love it…so far. Last semester was not that great for me. I guess moving from East Coast to Mid West was a shock and then to realize that all that 4.0 in undergrad and grad school was nothing compared to the classes.

So much going on now. We are working on our 20-25 page appellate briefs. I can kiss the little time I have to play now. I have made new friends here…love them.

Each of them are unique and I love them so much. We are not hanging out as much as we would love to this semester, but we still keep in touch. Classes are going on great. You did not hear this from me but I think at least 70% of the time some of us are either facebooking, aiming, instant messaging or texting. But don’t be fooled, those are the ones that kick up the curves…hahahhahahaha…or not…but who caresssssssssssss!

My Professors rock. Some of them makes it worth walking almost a mile in the morning to class. Either bcos my ass did not wake up on time or I did not get to school on time to scramble for parking. And I live like 2-4 blocks from school…HAHAHAHA…Yeah…it sucks to look for parking early in the morning, especially Monday mornings. And during cold weather. Arghhhhhhhhh. I hate the cold and Mondays…Then again I hate any weekday…LOL

I don’t know, but I am actually having more fun this semester. I recall vowing to transfer back to East Coast this fall, but I think I am going to stay here till I graduate. Not bad at all. I still hate the cold, but some of the people here makes it worth staying. (I know what you are thinking, I did not change my mind bcos of a man…nada for tata…LOL. I just made peace with it. I am not a quitter…yet!

I hope to blog more…then again I said that last yr…

I can’t believe this year is almost over
I ended up in one of the law schools in Midwest. I still can’t believe it, but I am here trying to make it work. I hate the place and some of the people, and I think I hate the person that I’ve become here.
Pardon me, but I had a weekend from HELL…glad I can still remember my password because I really need an outlet to vent…will be right back:)

When life humbles you, you start…..

  • appreciating the little things you took for granted
  • re-evaluating your past experiences and if some were worth the effort
  • holding on to little things, afraid of losing hope

Life the best teacher…experience the best result.

The journey of life

Just got accepted to couple of law schools and on waiting list for one of the top ten schools. My life is starting a new, I am excited and same time scared because I’ve been on the workforce for 7 to 8 years and will be giving all that up come August for an unknown future.

Law has always been my choice, life detoured me but I am back on track now…. shaky but know that I will make it…. to everyone out there struggling with their dreams, please don’t give up…. dreams do come through

Join me as I venture into this unfamiliar battle